Water Sports

Scuba diving in Tenerife is quite unique. The underwater environment dramatically reflects the volcanic nature of the island, with many caves and deep, craggy canyons to explore.

Theme Parks

Tenerife has water parks, adventure parks, historical parks, cultural parks and animal parks. There is a park to suit every age group and personality and whichever you choose you are assured of a great day out.


Tenerife is one of Europe’s top golfing destinations and for very good reason. The courses are dramatic and challenging and the climate is ideal all year round.


The volcanic island of Tenerife offers you a rich variety of interesting places to visit, a wealth of attractions as well as some beautiful towns and villages.


From comedy nights in local bars to all night dancing to world famous spectaculars, cabarets and theme nights… Tenerife holds no end of choices for evening entertainment.

Visitor Information

Tenerife Weather

Of course, when you are planning a holiday, you want to be sure that you will enjoy good weather. While there can be no guarantees, Tenerife has one of the best climates in the world, maintaining a pleasant average daytime temperature of 22°C for most of the winter and increasing to up to 30°C in the summer.

The great thing about Tenerife is that the climate remains fairly consistent and does not reach the extremes of heat that other countries in Europe encounter in the summer.

The North and South of Tenerife have very different characteristics. The North with a higher average rainfall is cooler and lush. The South is relatively rain free and basks in the sun for most of the year.

The stunning thing about a winter holiday in the south of Tenerife is that you can be sat on the beach or by the pool but be looking up at Mount Teide which can be covered in snow!

Timeshare touts

Timeshare touts will spot you coming a mile away, especially in Los Cristianos.

How it works: You may be approached by a good looking young man or woman and asked if you speak English. If you answer in the affirmative you will be given a scratch card… it will be a winning ticket. In order to collect on the prize, you will have to agree to visit the timeshare property and you will be submitted to hours of hard sell.

Don’t do it! The easiest way to avoid these touts is to give them a polite stream of double dutch. They’ll assume you are from Russia and can’t speak English and they’ll leave you alone.

Tap water

Tap water is safe to drink but not very pleasant.

You are better to stock up on bottled water and use it to drink and make your tea and coffee with.

Beers and spirits

Drink measures in Tenerife are very generous. If you prefer your drink to be less potent, ask for two glasses and a separate mixer.

The local beers like Dorada are good and cheaper than imported beers. A cania is a half pint and a jarra is a pint (pronounced harra).


Within each area of Tenerife there is always a chemist on duty 24 hours a day. The duty is rotated.


There are markets all over Tenerife, some very local in flavour and others like the huge Sunday market in Los Crisitanos, geared very much to tourists.

Torviscas Market (Sat) and Los Cristionos (Sun)

The two biggest markets in the south of Tenerife are always busy and always provide a bargain. The masses of stalls include clothing, a fashion show, health, books, electricals, fabrics, souvenirs, jewellery and even property! A must visit for those in search of a bargain.

Golf Del Sur Market (Fri mornings)

One of the newest markets in Tenerife but becoming quite popular due to it being situated near to the new marina. A nice variety of stalls are provided which is well worth a visit if you are staying in Golf Del Sur but probably not worth traveling from too far away.

Los Abrigos Night Market

This little market is held in the square in front of the church every Tuesday evening.

Though there are not so many stalls to browse through, you might still pick up some interesting sliver jewellery, some casual clothes for your holidays or a gift or two.

After the market, you might wander down the sea front at Los Abrigos to enjoy fresh seafood at one of the many little restaurants there.

Guaza Sunday Market

A relatively new addition to Tenerife’s market selection, at the Guaza Sunday Market you can rummage through second hand books and clothes, pick up some old CDs, DVDs or videos.

Happy Days Car Boot Market, Costa del Silencio

Held only on the first Sunday of every month, proceeds from this market go to support K9, a local dog home. Being a car boot market you can expect to find all sorts of second hand bits and bobs: books, clothes, cassettes and so on.

There is also usually a rather nice cake stall and a stall selling old paintings and furniture. The venue is a tennis and bowling club so you can relax at the club bar after your shopping spree.
Markets in Tenerife

African Market

(Santa Cruz) The famous Mercado Nuestra Senora de Africa is a dazzling bazaar of over 300 stalls selling fresh local produce.

A short walk from the bus station, look out for pink clock tower, get there as early as possible for the best of the fruits and veg.

On Sundays surrounding the African Market you will find El Rastro Flea Market. Look out for some high quality leather, hardware and crafts at bargain prices.