Tenerife Holiday Homes Ltd are a friendly family owned company with offices in the UK and English staff throughout Tenerife.

tenerife-943595_1280It was set up in 2000, by a previous owner and originally called Overseas Property Management. In 2004, and with 15 properties to it’s name, we took over the company and gradually made little changes to improve our services both to our owners and to our rental clients.

Over the past few years, our reputation has grown considerably. Apart from our website, we do not advertise our property management services and have purely grown our list of properties via word of mouth and good old fashioned hard work. It is not unusual for us to be managing a property and then find the next door neighbour contacts us to utilise our services too.

The end result is a company that manages approximately 80 privately owned villas and apartments in the south of Tenerife and our portfolio is increasing on a monthly basis. We are careful to only take on properties of a high standard and each one is individually inspected, normally by one of the Directors, or if not by one of our on-site managers. We regular turn down requests to rent our properties should we deem them not up to standard.

Recently, we changed our name to Tenerife Holiday Homes Ltd. We felt this better describes exactly what we do – the renting out and management of privately owned holiday homes here in Tenerife. We now have a UK office dealing solely with rental enquiries and making sure our clients are armed with all the appropriate information, prior to their departure to Tenerife.

Unlike large tour operators and other holiday company’s where the person you are liaising with is likely to have absolutely no idea about the accommodation you are enquiring about, we can speak with the utmost confidence and indeed know the local area inside out too. When you contact us about a specific property, you will be passed to a member of staff who will have visited the property in question and will know it and the immediate area well.

Once you have chosen your accommodation, you have your arrival instructions and have booked any extra services you require (e.g. car hire, taxi meet and greets, cot hire etc.) you are ready for your departure.

In Tenerife, there is a dedicated team of English cleaners and maintenance people who’s job is to make sure your property is suitably prepared for you. Many people book with us in the reassurance that there are English speaking staff close by to all our properties, in the unlikely even you should encounter a maintenance problem during your stay.

Once you return from your holiday, our work doesn’t stop there. You will receive an email requesting feedback on your property and the service you received. In this way, we use your feedback to continually try to improve our services.

Incidentally, if you are an owner and you want your property professionally managed by Tenerife Holiday Homes and / or have a good quality property and require a rental income, simply email us at info@tenerife-hols.co.uk to find out more about what we can do for you. You may also want to read our property management section too.

Because of the service offered and the properties we provide, our list of repeat rental clients is growing all the time. We hope you have a lovely holiday in Tenerife and like many others, that we will be hearing from you again soon!!


Jon Stewart

Managing Director


Sarah Windridge

Travel Consultant